• Heather Rose

    Laurie Jo is amazingly intuitive and gives your body exactly the healing it needs! She reads and listens to the body. I’ve had a lot of massage and went to massage school myself and Laurie Jo is probably one of the best bodyworkers I’ve experienced. You’ll be giving yourself an incredible gift by booking and receiving from Laurie Jo!!

  • Cherie Llacuna

    This healing space is so beautiful! Luscious greenery throughout the grounds, as well as several areas to relax and enjoy the ambiance. Laurie Jo is a gracious and energetic host; making sure everyone feels included. She hand-picked the healers, making sure their energy matched her own. I will definitely be back again.

  • Angie Maxson

    The best massage ever! Laurie Jo is intuitive and can find the places that need the work, always a spiritual experience for me. The hot stones, deep tissue and energy work, relaxing space, the way she gets to it and allows you to go to that place and find relief, all of it is beyond expectation for me. Truly a 'Walk in and Float Out' experience.

Sacred Space Spa and Retreat is located at 526 Butler St, Grass Valley, CA 95945