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Sacred Space Spa and Retreat

Temple Tuesday - Yoga Nidra

Temple Tuesday - Yoga Nidra

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Join us for group Yoga Nidra classes at Temple Tuesdays. Class starts at 5:30 at Sacred Space Spa and Retreat located at 526 Butler St. Grass Valley, CA 95949 

Yoga Nidra is a practice that combines body, breath, and awareness techniques, allowing you to quiet your thoughts and drop into the sensations of your body. Through this practice, you can enter a profound state of rest, allowing you to turn off your mind and let go, deeply restoring your body.

There are no fancy postures, just lying down in a restful position. From there, Laurie Jo will guide you on a journey of profound relaxation and self-discovery that lies within you. Each session will lead you to explore new depths of your inner world, opening doors to untapped reservoirs of stillness.

Yoga Nidra can provide many benefits, such as improved sleep quality, diminished anxiety symptoms, recharged vital energy, and a balanced nervous system.

Yoga Nidra welcomes all skill levels, making it accessible to everyone. In this practice, you will lie down comfortably and be gently guided on your Yoga Nidra journey, which allows you to access delta brainwaves, which are responsible for the healing and restoration that happens in your body during deep sleep.

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